Unable to access ODK forms in ODK collect APP

Hi! I'm having an issue deploying central on a server of my company.

I can not access to the forms uploaded on Central in my phone, i dont get any error and I have already give permision to the app users.

I was able to save the form inside the folder of the phone with the file explorer and send the forms to the server.

But I can not sync in the phone.

Many thanks in advance!

This is not the suggested way to do this. Is there a reason you used the file explorer instead of downloading from Central inside of the Collect app? Please review the documentation on:

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Yes, the point is that my phone doesn't sync the forms I have in central.

I don't know why it doesn't work.

It was the last idea to insert it manually.

Forms in a Central project are not all automatically available to App Users. You need to use the Form Access tab to assign forms to each user. See documentation

If you have confirmed that your App User has assigned forms, try using the manual refresh arrow (⟳) and make sure you don't see any errors when you do so.

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Thanks Hélène! I tried severall times.
I've set up the permits to the users


But I get a notification in the phone that can not download the form..

Still trying to figure it out.


Can you please share the exact notification here?