Unable to download blank form to ODK Collect

I am able to connect to the ODK Aggregate server from my phone over our wifi network, both through the web interface and ODK Connect. It allows me to view blank forms, but when I select a form and hit "get selected" I get an error:

failed to connect to / (port 10080) from / (port 52793) after30000ms: isConnected failed; ECONNREFUSED (Connection refused)

ODK Aggregate is running on the latest version of the VM and ODK Collect is the latest android app version.

Update: I figured out what my problem was. I had my port for aggregate in the VM set as 10080 but was connecting to port 80.


Hi @AaronF
i've got the same issue. How did you do to coennect to 10080.

could you please let me know, how did you resolve this error. I am facing similar issue.

Can you please tell me what this means and how to change it? I am having a similar problem - thank you1

I had a similar issue and found how to resolve it at https://docs.opendatakit.org/aggregate-vm/#connecting-to-the-vm-from-external-apps

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