Unable to send submissions to fmardpace server

Hi, after ODK update and migration, I can't send my survior 2 upgraded survior form, which displays e error report after several attempts, so I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, which resulted to lost of data(kc.Fmardpace.gov.org) how can I recover my lot sent survior form and unfinished survior work and I get a blank form dawnload blank. Please how can I recover my sent and unfinished or unfinalized surv y work .help please!.

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@984656 It sounds like you are collecting data for the FMARD PACE project, is that correct? Problems with submissions have to do with the server you are submitting to, not with ODK Collect. You must talk to the person who asked you to collect data to get those resolved. The project seems to have a forum at https://fmardpace.ng/community/ that you can use.

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I can't get a blank form ( dawnload) after several attempts to send my finalized form, failed with an error report I uninstalled and reinstalled my, all data was lost please how can I recover the crashed data

Yes, Thanks alots . Please I need more classification, is there any assurance of recovering my submitted survior records and unfinished or unfinalized survior form after uninstalling and reinstalling my ODK app, from the central saver, or the saver I am collecting farmer's survior work for. If possible, what can I do, to achieve that please?. Because I have lost all the work from phone!.

.This is the error report I got when I am trying to get a new blank survey form, LN , please can you give me any explanation to this report and what can I do resolve it

I am collecting farmer's data, for FMARDPACE PROJECT, 1St using this server https://test.data.fmardpace.ng, second switched to, https://odk.data.fmardpace.gov.ng and we were are asked to upgrade to the newest version of ODK with another server https://kc.fmarfpace.org after the upgrade and migration. I was able to get a blank form, and was unable to upload my finalized surveys work after several attempts failed. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled my ODK 2V upgraded after that I was unable to get ablank, to start capturing agian. What can I do to resolve this problem?

Your project's leadership runs the servers. Those servers are currently not working and only the FMARD PACE leadership can address that. Please talk to them about how to proceed.

The community here produces the ODK applications and makes them available for projects to use. We have no control over project servers.

I will also like to know, if it is possible to dawnload a preexisting surveys form or deleted finalized and sent form from the projects server?. Please I support and assistance.

@poda please I will like to direct your question to "Helene" for assistance.