Unable to send the drafted forms. Forms are being removed from drafted forms but not reflecting in sent forms

We have drafted the forms in ODK collect App. We are unable to send those forms to the server. Whenever we finalize the drafted form and send it, it is being removed from the drafted forms, but not being added in sent forms. Those forms are not even being saved on ODK central server.
The important thing we noticed is, when we scan the QR code of the project, we see the different project name now compared to the project name which is already there in the APP.
If we scan the QR code now, we can see the project name as "Jiwi Daah Hasa" above the "start form" button as shown in attached screenshot. But in the existing APP project we see the project name as "odkcentral.wassan.org". But we have used the same code.

Please be noticed that if we scan the same QR code now, it is working fine and we are able to send the forms perfectly.

Hi @Naresh_Swargam
Did you scan exactly the same qr code? If so maybe someone removed your access to the form you were trying to send and that's why submissions were rejected? Then someone added that access back and it worked?