Understanding the data


I'm new to all of this - so apologies for such a simple question.

When I download /publish data, will it give me what my survey choices were and the results alongside it? e.g. 20 people selected choice 1; 3 people selected choice 2 and then a key detailing what each of the choices are?

As it stands, I can only see X people chose 1; X people choice 2, etc. but I don't know what choices 1 and 2 stand for without this info!

Many thanks!

hi @rose, which form did you use, xlsform or xform, can you share it with us so that we can show you how your coding was done.


As I understood your question, you didn't define your variables correctly in your ODK form. And in the choice sheet, you entered 1,2,3etc for choices while you should enter a name for them so you will not get confused. The way your work is not a good manner.
I am attaching a link for you which will help you in making a good form . Please, go through with Video which will help you
If you still needs help feel free to ask me.