Update on release candidates

hi all,

there's been a bit of traffic about problems with the release
candidates, and i wanted to reach out to explain what we've been up

what drives the odk work is our desire to make data collection systems
that absolutely delight everyone of our users. i think the upcoming
features moves us toward that goal, but with extra features have come
extra bugs (and extra frustration).

all is not lost, though! we've made steady progress towards a stable
codebase. our success has been due to all the effort you've put into
filing issues, and i think we are very close to a final release.

as we push forward, please know that are creating tools for a wide set
of users who often have competing interests. we do our best to balance
priorities, but we are mere academics, doing this work in our spare
time, and learning as we go along.

thanks again for support and patience. keep the bug reports and patches coming!


ps. oh, and before emailing, please search the lists and issue tracker
first. it usually helps :slight_smile: