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I have a questionnaire that is used every day in a different location. For example, today in Paris, France, tomorrow in Madrid, Spain and so on.

The list of the cities and the countries is on a different csv file (called Locations.csv) which is updated every month. On Jan 1st, 2023 there were 31 entries (31 different cities), on Feb 1st, 2023 there were 28 entries . Now we are in the 8th month {August} , so the same cvs has been updated 8 times.

Our IT team are running some reports for statistical purposes, and they found out that on the 23rd of April, there was a mistake and 2 records (locations) were wrongly populated.
Instead of having Country:France, city:Paris they had Country:Paris, City:France,

They asked us to correct the data , which would be easy enough if the records to correct were in the current month, August .
however, when I load these two records (from April) I only have the option to update them with the current month's data (August) and not with the one from April.

These are the data I need to correct. Offaly is a county and not a town and Tullamore is a town and not a county
The green data beside is August's data which I don't need to update with.

What I need is a way to load these two records and update them with the correct data
Any suggestions will be appreciated

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At at time when you know no one will be submitting new data can you update the form to have a correct CSV for the April locations, make the edit, and then update the form again to have the CSV for August?

Hi DanbJoseph,

Thanks a lot for your advise, it worked perfectly .
I updated the records last Sunday when nobody was working.

Kind regards
Chris .

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