Update version of ODK file while in use

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One of the biggest challenges faced with ODK so far is the difficulty in ensuring every data collector is using the same version of an ODK form. I wonder if the feature to update and replace a form version exists (without having to first delete the current version). So that when the enumerator deceive connects to the internet, the form definition would automatically update.

If this feature is there, please educate me. Otherwise, isn't this worth having?


There is an Automatic download option in General Settings -> Form management. You also need to choose time interval (an option above). For example, if you choose 15 minutes your device will try to download new form versions every 15 minutes and additionally if the last check filled because of problems with the internet it will take place immediatelly once you are connected to the internat again.


@Grzesiek2010 how does this work? i upload the updated form with same name and or?
Since everytime i upload a form to aggregate it comes as a new form.

Do you use the same formId?

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Please elaborate on "formid"

It's a value visible in your xml file for_example id="build_AOOP_1525951244"
If you use build forms using excel you can specify form id in settings sheet (example: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1af_Sl8A_L8_EULbhRLHVl8OclCfco09Hq2tqb9CslwQ/edit#gid=989892574)


I still get a warning from Aggregate when I try upload the form with the same formid, even when I change the form version.

Please note that you cannot update a form (to a different version) that is semantically different. Basically, you can only make form changes that are superficial and will not result in any fundamental change to interpretation of (previous) submitted results; eg changing the text of a question prompt is ok, but adding an entirely new question to the form is not. For more details as to what you can/not, do see here.

I still get a warning from Aggregate when I try upload the form with the same formid

Any radical change to your form will require uploading the new version under an entirely new formid, at which point any previous submissions to your original form will become 'disengaged' from the new form.

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