Upgrading Central

Hi, everyone.
When upgrading Central to its version v1.2, at the step "git submodule update -i", should I replace i by 1.2 or v1.2?
About the following
"Since you have made your own changes to the .env file to set Central up for your environment":
should I make changes, myself? if so, which?
Thanks, in advance.

(1) The command is just: git submodule update -i
Please do not change the -i to something else.

(2) When first installing Central, you should have edited a .env file as described at the end of the "Getting and Setting Up Central" section. You want to keep the .env file from your original install, so if running the git pull command during the Central upgrade gives you an error, please follow the instructions as written at https://docs.getodk.org/central-upgrade/#upgrading-to-central-v1-2

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Hi, @danbjoseph
thanks for your reply.

just this, or followed by "docker-compose build"?

After git submodule update -i you need to run docker-compose build and then you need to run the rest of the commands as described in Upgrading Central in the documentation. There are commands "to do a little bit of maintenance" and at the end you need to run commands to "restart the running server to pick up the changes." Please follow the full instructions in the documentation.


Thank you so much for your very helpful reply.

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