Uploading form errors, improving formulas

I am having this error when tring to deploy the foorm. how can i make the formula to calculte automatically the nombre des plantules.**1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.**unable to deploy
your form cannot be deployed because it contains errors:

ODK Validate Errors: >> XForm is invalid. See above for the errors. : Invalid calculate for the bind attached to "${plantules_Ha_necessaire_calcul}" : Bad node: org.javarosa.xpath.parser.ast.ASTNodeAbstractExpr@3cb1ffe6 in expression if(selected( ${ecartement_choice} , '2x2'), ${superficie} 2500(1+( ${degats_total} div100))),if(selected( ${ecartement_choice} , '2.5x2.5'), ${superficie} 1600(1+( ${degats_total} div100))), if(selected( ${ecartement_choice} , '3x3'), ${superficie} 1111(1+( ${degats_total} div100))) The following files failed validation: ${tmpbjkuli33} Result: Invalid
aTDwYrVZp5nKJKTEphjfCm.xlsx (25.6 KB)

2. What steps can we take to reproduce this issue?

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Your last embedded if(<cond>, <value if true>, <value if false>) statement appears to be missing its false bit. Specifically:

... if(selected(${ecartement_choice}, '3x3'),

so when the condition selected(${ecartement_choice}, '3x3') evaluates to true, then the if() function will return ${superficie}*1111*(1+(${degats_total}div100))

but you dont specify what it should return when the condition evaluates to false...


can someone help me in this see hoz i did it but it's not working: if(selected(${ecartement_choice}, '2x2'),(${superficie}2500(${degats_total}div100)),0), if(selected(${ecartement_choice}, '2.5x2.5'), (${superficie}1600(${degats_total}div100)),0), if(selected(${ecartement_choice}, '3x3'),(${superficie}1111(${degats_total}div100)),0)
i want it to return 0 if the condition is not true:

I think the calculation should look like:

if(selected(${ecartement_choice}, '2x2'),
	${superficie}*2500*(1+(${degats_total} div 100)),
	if(selected(${ecartement_choice}, '2.5x2.5'), 
		${superficie}*1600*(1+(${degats_total} div 100)), 
		if(selected(${ecartement_choice}, '3x3'), 
			${superficie}*1111*(1+(${degats_total} div 100)), 0
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