[URGENT: PILOT TOMORROW] How to code such that the value label will show up in the question?


Had a rather urgent question (pilot tomorrow).

In Arabic, if you want to ask "how long have you worked in this
municipality", they will equate "this municipality" as "the municipality
office building". So I want to code the question such that the actual name
of the municipality will show up.

So I did the following:
select_one municipality munic Municipality
integer years How many years have you worked in ${munic}?
On tablet, it shows up as numbers (1, 2, 3...) not the labels of those
values. If I choose "Anabta" which is a "1" in the "choices" sheet, it
shows up as:
"How many years have you worked in 1"

Is there a way to code it so that the municipality name of the
municipality? i.e. "How many years have you worked in Anabta?"

Thank you for your help!



You will have to add a calculate field between the select question and the
integer question. Use jr:choice-name for the calculation, it will grab the
label of the selected choice in your select_one question.
See https://opendatakit.org/help/form-design/binding/ and look for


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