Use cases on using ODK in an order delivery process

I am looking for example of use cases in using ODK in a order delivery process

Orders are issued to Suppliers
Product Quantity
A 2
B 50
C 25

Suppliers to deliver to Sites
Product Quantity
A 2
B 50
C 25

Site Manager confirms delivery from Suppliers
Product Quantity Confirm
A 2 Yes
B 50 Yes
C 25 Yes

Suppliers sends finalised (delivered) Orders

To implement the above, I am thinking of something like this:
Each supplier will be a user on odk with access to a specific form.
Each form will have a drop down to select a site.
The orders per site will then show including quantity.
At the site, the supplier signs.
At the site the site manager confirms delivery, signs and capture coordinates.
The form is finalised.

Use barcodes. Make them through some program and paste on the parcels. In the ODK forms, put one location question and one barcode scanning question. It will make things quite simple for you.

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