Use of Calculate in select multiple question for header columns in Google Sheets

Hello community.

I am deploying Google Sheets for backend online data collection. For geopoint and select multiple question types the responses latitude, longitude altitude and selected multiple values are stored in single column, separated by space.

From one of previous posts I knew that lat & long can be captured in 2 different columns with the use of calculate & selected-at in the calculation field.

On similar lines, is this possible with select_multiple question type. For 5 choices I will create 5 calculates with name of the choice & the response will be saved as Yes or No depending on the check box selection, using some if then functionality. This will create the Google sheet with no data cleaning, find replace etc.

Briefcase is capable of doing this for Aggegate & Central but can not be used for Google Sheets.

Briefcase also facilitates to create GeoJSON. Can a Google Sheet can be converted into GeoJSON from within Sheets?(out of scope for this forum, but still help is needed) or the only option is to download & get converted from Online convertors..

Thank you a lot.
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Abhay Kulkarni,
Pune MH, IN.

Hello @Praxis_NFP, if you did not, mease take some time to Introduce yourself here! - #1111 by thakir

You should take a look at this showcase : ODK geoshape/geotrace/geopoint to GeoJSON you will be able to calculate a geojson column within the form :slight_smile:

Thank you @mathieubossaert for your quick response and really sorry from my side for late reply.

Your solution is excellent. But its limitation, in my case, is that it gives a separate geojson file for each submission, which is not best suitable in my case. Traditional method of downloading Google sheet as csv & get converted with online convertor seems to be easier..

Also the first part of separating headers as column names with Yes/No in select_multiple was also easy & straight forward, Solved... This is really beauty of ODK.

Thanks community.