Use the or_other with select_one

I have a select_one type question, which gets data from a CSV file. I would like to add the option _or_other. Is it possible to use the select_one together with _or_ther? I have tried to do:

select_one testName or_other

but I get an error that the .csv file is missing. Which I am not getting when I remove the or_other.
If it is not possible, what is an alternative?

Hi @dkarakostis

or_other option doesn't work with external itemsets so that's probably your problem.

Hello @Grzesiek2010
Thank you. I see. Any recommendations on how to deal with this? I need to add an "other" option. I have a CSV file with 7k rows. I was thinking of duplicating the rows and modifying them by adding the "other" option. It is not the most efficient way but I can not think of something else.
What do you think?

I think you have to edit your csv file and add that other option. Alternatively you could add another question select_one with just one option (other) and use field-list appearance to display both questions on the same page. Then you could add some logic and force selecting other if nothing selected in the previous question.

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