User ID for login

Im wanting an ODK collect that would be used by hundreds to thousands of citizen Scientists. Im hoping there is a way for a unique identifier code that would not need to be entered every time would be used as the login to upload their data. It seems this could be done using userID meta data, but as a newbie this documentations is not clear...any ideas?

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Hi @gmichals
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please read the doc about metadata you can use:
deviceid or subscriberid or simserial

Hi @gmichals,

As @Grzesiek2010 suggested, you can use the metadata (check more information in the link provided). This information is automatically captured in the background. In your scenario, I think the import settings feature will handy.

This feature allows you to share a qr code that will import necessary settings to download and submit form in odk collect. The tools does not allow self registration.