User name when connecting to the server vs username in form metadata

When configuring ODK-Collect, you will fill up the server URL, username and password in order to download the form to your device and also to submit data.

In Project settings > User and device identity > Form metadata > User defined
there are several fields available:

  • Username
  • Phone number
  • Email address

What is the difference of username that is used to connect to the server and the username in the Project settings? When survey data is downloaded from the server, how are both username fields included in the downloaded data?

By the way I am using ODK collect but I am submitting the data to kobotoolbox.


Hi @RaffyM

the username and password filled to connect to the server a relative to the App User defined into Central. One App User can be the same for a lot of end users on the fields. The user's metadata you can set on collect concern all the end users.

Here I have defined one App User called "Team member".
All my colleagues are using the same to connect to Central. But each one of my colleague fills its own username and email address into "Form metadata" so I know who made each observation.

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