User Roles and Permissions When Excel is Sink With Koboserver

Good day all,please i wish my to sink my excel with koboserver while protecting my login credentials.i know that,In KoboToolbox, you can share specific projects with specific users or user groups. This allows you to grant access to only authorized individuals while keeping other projects and data private.

How do i carry out this task in powerquery,so that i can share my excel file,without exposing my kobo login credentials to everyone.

Currently,powerquery is requesting for my own login credentials, to be able,to log me in,but am afraid,if such excel files get to unautorize user, then my credentials could be hijacked,how do i prevent this,so that others can view my shared file without seeing my kobo login details.

Thank you all .

Hi @Valentine_Onuchukwu

Your questions are specific to Kobottolbox, you will get better responses on the Kobotoolbox Forums