Using computer as server

Dear friends,
i want to use my computer as server for my ODK data submission, can we do it?
if it is possible, please help me in this regard.
thanks very much in advance

You need Java on your PC. Then you can download odk Briefcase. Now you create a folder on your PC, for example ODKPC. Then you rebuild the folder structure of odk collect, which means you create two folders, forms and instances on your PC . Connect your smartphone to the PC via the cable. Now copy the entire folder Metadata from the smartphone's odk collect folder. Paste this into ODKPC. Now you copy the individual instances folders from the smartphone into the PC folder ODKPC - instances. Now copy the XML form from the smartphone folder forms into the forms folder on the PC (ODKPC). So you have the base ready.

Now you can open odk briefcase. Choose the pull tab. Select collect directory there. Now choose your PC folder ODKPC. Now you can start the pull process. The rest is identical to using odk briefcase if an odk aggregate server were available.

With this solution you don't need a real server.

There are solution to build an Aggregate server with virtual machines too

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Hi, @Mansour!

You can check the guide to run Aggregate in your machine using a virtual machine here:

If you're comfortable with Docker, there's information about running an Aggregate docker instance (not officially supported, though) here too:

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