Using data from previous encounters

Hello everyone.

I am a GIS consultant based in Douala, Cameroon.
For a structure of the place I would like to set up with ODK aggregate, tomcat, odk collect a workflow who will use the data previously collected The workflow should be bidirectional - clients send recorded data to the server and the server sends updates to the client.

how to set this up? For the moment I have an odk aggregate project which simply collects data and the company would like to update the data already collected. Each data item is uniquely referenced with the id column.

Has anyone worked on a project like this before?

Aggregate has reached end-of-life and is no longer supported. I would recommend you use ODK Central instead. Central has support for entities which enable the bidirectional flows you describe.

What is the best way to install central locally on windows 11? Is it possible to install central with tomcat via a.war file?

It's not easy to install Central locally on Windows, but has some hints if you are technically minded.

It's not possible to install Central with Tomcat because Central is built with entirely different (Node, not Java) technology.

As to your initial question, you could also manually attach the previously collected data to your forms. See for more.

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