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Dear users,
i want to use our Org. logo in my form, i am designing forms in excel, is it possible to have the logo when we open a form in mobile?
thanks in advance

Hi @Mansour ,
It used to be that you could add a form_logo.png image and have it display on the form start screen but that has changed. See this post for an explanation and workaround:


Hi @Mansour, you can create a note field and on the media:image column you type the name of the logo you want it to appear on the form example logo.jpg. with this the logo will be display on that page. also if you want to add some text to the logo you can add another note field for the text and put them in a group with field-list appearances.



thanks dear for your response, but unfortunately i couldn't, can any one provide me a simple example with a logo?

If you follow the link Dan posted, you'll find a link to an example:

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Hi @Mansour, find attached a sample file. let us know if this is okay for you. make sure you add the logo.jpg to your media file when you are uploading the form. so both the form (fc.xml) and the logo (logo.jpg) should be uploaded together.

fc.xlsx (270.7 KB)
fc.xml (2.5 KB)

Thank You


Thank you to all of you. I had the same question and could resolve in a few minutes with your help.


Thanks bro, was very helpful:clap:

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Thanks for this.
It seems that the logo is collected from the mobile.

It is possible to add a logo or image in the form itself? So, whenever I share the survey form with someone, the user can see the logo.

Hi all,
Thanks for the suggestions.
I am facing similar issues. I want to add a logo to the survey form. Need help!

Using ODK Collect v2021.2.4
Linked it with Google Drive (google account)
build.getodk - to create form.
Sharing the files below.

Test-Survey-Form-export.xml (4.4 KB)
Test-Survey-Form-export.xlsx (12.0 KB)

Hi @Pulakesh_Das have you looked at the example posted above?

Hi @danbjoseph, many thanks for your quick response.

However, I couldn't figure out where to keep the .jpg file? I am getting the following msg. Requesting further help. Once I tried to keep the photograph in the desired location on mobile.

How are you loading the blank form to your device? You should be able to load the image using the same method?

Many thanks. I could figure it out now.

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I've been facing same problem
I tried what you all said but I still couldn't get it, at last it doesn't appear in the odk

Hi @Pulakesh_Das @danbjoseph @Muh @yanokwa @Mansour @asiwome_ameko
I have made some changes to @Pulakesh_Das form, kindly use the changes on your form. the picture has to be loaded to your media files. remember to take note of the extension of your picture (.jpg, .png etc
Test-Survey-Form-export.xlsx (13.9 KB)
Thank you.

Many thanks, @Fabla for your response, I could solve the issue.

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