Using ODK to monitor construction projects

We are thinking of using ODK tools as part of our data collection workflow in construction.

Our data is stored in a PostgreSQL/Postgis database and will be the base for field data collection.

We will use data preloading - to associate our base data with survey forms.

In monitoring construction projects there are certain milestones - stage1, stage2, stage3. How does one approach the design of the form to:

  1. ensure data is collected when onsite
  2. cannot proceed to stage2 unless stage1 is completed
  3. on subsequent visits - to not have the ability to edit previously completed stages - when collecting stage3 data, one cannot go back to stage2 if already submitted.
  4. keep the PostgreSQL/Postgis database updated with new survey data. In this regard I have come across this solution -

Thanking you in advance for your assistance.

Hello @zizi ,
If you have no problems in connecting to server while filing the forms then , make 3 forms for 3 stages . In the app change the code such that once the form 1 hits the server form 2 should be sent and form 3 should be sent when form 2 hits the server with the required data . If there is any connectivity issues try to run this with the help of SQLite database . As far as i have experienced connecting with server is more robust than the Android SQLite database . ODK has inbuilt facility , once the form 1 is filled and synced with the server the form will be no more visible to data collector and hence he cannot edit it anyway . I hope this helps if found a better solution please let me know .

Thanks and Regards ,