Using simple repeat, when by mistake I hit to add another name

I am using simple repeat ( not related to any other questions) when by mistake I am clicking Add group, how to solve this issue.

Dear @Luat

Please see the documentation on repeats and repeat recipes and tricks

Your question is not clear, if you are still facing problems after going through the documentation, please:

  1. share your form or sub section of the form with the problem
  2. describe a high level use case of what you are trying to do? What you have done, what you expected and and what you got


Thank you @Ronald_Munjoma
I have repeat group in row 6 and in row 7 am asking about name of item and other questions when i finish from the first item and move forward if by mistake i hit add one more item, in this case how to deal with this new item added by mistake,
Pleas see attachedTEST.xls (39.5 KB)

To remove a repeat, you can long press on the question label in the same way as for removing answers or clicking the "remove" button in the jump menu. See for a screenshot.

Many Thanks @yanokwa