Using Sum() function

Hi Everyone, I really appreciate your contribution to this community. I am a Humanitarian aid worker currently working in Northeast Nigeria. I am into all forms of data work, from build forms to data analysis and visualization.
I need to get calculate the number of children in school from a repeat group which contains the list of children and questions to know if a child is in school. I am trying to use the sum() function to return the number of children who are in the school outside the repeat group.

Attached is the xls.
Adding Values in a repeat-group.xlsx (19.7 KB)

It looks like you may be using the sum() function incorrectly. Specifically, you have


whereas it probably needs to be


[your intermediary ${sum_schooling} calculation is ostensibly redundant and, alas, malformed :slight_smile: ] Please take a look at the example in the docs for its correct usage of sum(), against repeat groups in particular.