Using text field data as option

Hi everyone at this group
I have a question if we can use text field data as option for multiple select
for ex:
FruitName1: Fruit 1
FruitName1: Fruit 2
FruitName1: Fruit 3
here I have a question that
which fruits are most wanted which are not in list
select multiple fruits
option should be
from selected text box

Fruits 2
Fruits 3

is there need for any clarification I will provide
best regards

Good Afternoon @Mahdi_Esmatg,

Excuse me but I am not sure to clearly understand your question. You want to know if you can select multiple fruits in a list ?

Hi @Mahdi_Esmatg

If I understand correctly, you would like to add a text field in which the enumerator can enter another option (different from what was included in the options). This can be achieved by including an option "other" in the choice worksheet.
A separate text variable would then be made relevant based on whether the "other" option was included in the multiple select variable.

You can find detailed explanation here (at the button of the "Relevant" section):

I hope this helps!


Thank you Andrea
actually this works fine if we have only one other option and No followup questions on that
I have many text field which is not included and I dont know depneding on question
May be 4 5 6
The point is that I want turn text field to options and depending on options we have followup questions

Hi @Mahdi_Esmatg

If the issue is to allow for multiple "other" options, you could consider these two options:

a) if you have a maximum number of "other" options, you could include them as "other 1" "other 2" "other 3" "other N" in the choice worksheet and then have an equal number of text variables that allow specifying the actual option. You could configure the constraint field to ensure that "other N" is only selected if "other N-1" is as well.

b) another (possibly more elegant) approach could be to add a repeat group, which is relevant if "other" option is chosen. The repeat would have one text variable allowing you to add as many "other" choices as needed.

If you have follow up questions depending on whether any "other" is added and/or the number of "other" options specified, you could also add a calculated field to keep track of the number of options added.