Validation on two integer in ODk


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i have a question in survey,
"Q1.Working Experience?" and answer captured in two integers "Years" and "Months".

how can i validate them, the responses must be follow below conditions..

  1. Years must be 0-50
  2. Months must be 0-11
  3. (years = 0 and Month >= 1) or (years >= 1 and Month = 0) or (years >= 1 and Month >= 1)

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ODK Application, ODK Aggregate

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So years must be 0-50 and months 0-11 but they can't both be 0 at the same time?

yes, you are right they both can't 0 at same time

So I think constraint for year would be:

.>=0 and .<=50

and for month:

.>=0 and .<=11 and ${year}>0 or .>0

yearMonth.xlsx (4.9 KB)

I think you may need an explicit parens; ie

.>=0 and .<=11 and (${year}>0 or .>0)

because or has a lower precedence than and in XPath boolean expressions