Hello, I am fairly new to ODK and hoping someone can help me with my query. I noticed that the options for visualisation are only Bar, Pie and Map, and they seem to use data from one question at a time. If I wanted to visualise 2 factors, how can that be done without having to export data onto excel?

For example, I am collecting data on pain incidence. I would like to visualise the degrees of pain over time, say over a period of a month. Is there a way to visualise this as a graph?

I'd appreciate any help or advise on this.



Hi Nidhi, I was wondering if you use ODK for the analysis and visualisation of data? If so, can I pick your brain about it sometime? I am a masters student (MSc Health Informatics) located in London, and just starting to work on a couple of projects using ODK. I'd really appreciate it if I could get some advise from you.

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Hello!! @Jaya_Chat
I would like to share one of the possible ways to visualise data.
Using ODK Briefcase, you can convert the collected data(forms) from xml to csv.
Click here for ODK breifcase docs.
Next step would be to write a python script to visualise the data.
You can follow this link to open a csv file in python.
There are many visualiszation libraries in python like matplotlib and seaborn.
I hope this answers your query.


Thanks for your response @Akshay_Patel ! I will look into what you mentioned. I am not well-versed in python though :confused:

Hi Jaya,

Sorry for late reply. I was busy with some work. Yes I have been using ODK for the past few years. And would like to help you any time.



You can use Stata as well, as in health-IT. We usually use Stata, Below are few points how can you visualise your data in Stata.
Steps 1 : Import Excel into Stata.
Steps 2 : Tabulatein Stata
Steps 3 : Graphs in Stata.

That's it. This is only thing which you have to do.


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@iamnarendrasingh Thank you! I am learning Stata, and this is a good idea.

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@Nidhi_Shrivastava Thanks so much for your response. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions once I start creating the forms I am planning to create. It is comforting to know that I can come to you with questions.

maybe my application can help. I managed to do a little php mysql of odk. you can login to password: 1234567

feel free to play around.

@Clickuinternet Thanks so much! I'll check it out.

Yes sure you can ping me any time.


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