Visualize on the fly in the mobile phone the data collected with ODK on a map

Thanks for checking it out, @mathieubossaert! Unfortunately, this form won't be supported yet. We currently only show a map if the first geo question outside of a repeat is of type geopoint. Your form only has geo questions in a repeat.

We chose to initially only map top-level points because we want to carefully design how to map shapes and traces as well as geo questions in repeats. In fact, your form is a very interesting case. It's clear that you would want to have each repeat's feature mapped separately. However, in some forms, repeats describe points along a path that should be considered a single feature.

We will come back to those more complex use cases soon and will be sure to ask for your feedback once we have a proposed design. For now, you could consider using the All Widgets form or another with a simple point to try out existing functionality.

OK thanks @LN for this answer.
I understand why it's ok with another form. And it is not so important for that specific form.

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Ah, and I thought you'd made my dreams come true!

I have a form that uses repeats for my datapoints. The reason for doing this is to make it easier to upload all data - the survey we're doing at the moment collects about 60 locations in a day, so it's more reliable for me to get a single form with lots of repeats, rather than having to select the forms to send. I know that 'select all' is an option, but some enumerators (myself included) have completed forms from more than one survey sitting on the device so 'select all' isn't relevant...

I understand the step by step approach, and the potential for points representing one feature, so I will look forward to that coming online... This is an excellent feature.

Which leads me to a question about this feature - can it read geo locations from sent forms on the device?

I have surveys where it is necessary to work in the same area over a period of days (e.g. filling a grid), sending data in between, so this would be really handy to visualise all data on that device to avoid duplication. At present I use a mapbox raster layer exported from my GIS with 'data collected' flags, but this only works if there is time to upload the data, import it to GIS, create a new mbtiles layer, upload that layer and distribute to enumerator(s) beofre the next fieldwork session. Lots of weak points in that workflow!

Obviously this feature isn't designed to cope with multiple enumerators anyway, but for single device surveys it would be good to include sent items from the same form definition.

Thanks for your great work.


We'll keep working on it!

This makes perfect sense. Stay tuned for some questions as we expand on the functionality!

Yes. It will display sent forms that have not been deleted -- the same ones that can be viewed from View Sent Form. Those will appear in green to match the status color in View Sent Form.

Exactly what we hope it will be used for!

Not yet but that's hopefully where we're going.

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Status update: expectations exceeded. Again!

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Collect v1.25.0 provides a map of filled forms on the current device! Please see documentation at

This feature will keep evolving with some of the ideas mentioned above. Please share if you have suggestions or questions.

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I seconded your view that showing the geopoints within the repeat makes perfect sense. May be shall consider this feature.