Wanted: fabulous writer to produce case studies

We are looking for somebody to help us to produce a series of case studies,
and our ideal would be a great writer who also understands the field-survey
context. Since I know that there are contractors of various sorts out there
in the ODK community, I thought that I would post this solicitation.
Apologies if this isn't relevant.


Our SurveyCTO product (http://www.surveycto.com) has some truly wonderful
clients doing some truly amazing things. We love what they're doing, others
could learn from -- and be inspired by -- their examples, and we need to do
a far better job highlighting them on a new website that we're building.

To do this job well, you would need to:

  1. Be a fantastic writer.

  2. Learn about our product. (If you know ODK, this would be trivial.)

  3. Interview one or more users.

  4. Write up their case studies.

  5. Exhibit extraordinary attention to detail.

We will want each case study to include both (a) some pictures/screenshots,
and (b) some sample survey forms. We can work with you and the users on

Working with us

More broadly, we've been on the look-out for a field-survey-savvy
marketing/sales person for quite some time now. An old advert is here:


If you might be interested in helping us with case studies -- or with
product promotion more generally -- please let me know. We're trying to
remedy the fact that SurveyCTO has been out a long time now and we haven't
yet gotten around to promoting it.