Warning if QR or Barcode is scanned again from the external CSV file

Hi all,

We have a child data of Name, Age, Gender and DOB of 3k to 4k information which is embedded with individual QR or Barcode and saved in CSV file. While reading QR or Barcode we got successful good results using search and pulling syntax from external CSV file. In this extension, we would like to give a warning if QR or Barcode read >1. Please suggest to us.

Hi @Manne_Munikumar,

In ODK Collect each submission is independent, so unfortunately I don't think it is (currently) possible to perform your desired feature.

You could try to use a workaround though, e.g. use a repeat group and check whether there are duplicates in the entries selected in a certain variable.
See similar discussion here: See: Need assistance to create an incrementing ID field

I hope this helps!


Hi @Andrea_Martin,
I completely agree with you, while reding the ODK forum after posting we got an idea like comparing the data within the loop data of begin repeat is possible to ?.

Hi @Manne_Munikumar

In general yes, it is possible to recall a single value from a repeat group.
See e.g. this thread: Repeat answer - #5 by Andrea_Martin

Also, I've found this thread which seems quite similar to your case.

But I'm not sure the case was resolved.

Some workarounds you might want to explore by combining choice lists and filters.

Alternatively, you could consider developing a simple external app, like the approach mentioned in this post by @Xiphware

I hope this helps!