Ways to specify geotrace and geoshape method of collection

My question is quite simple, is there a way to specify either through form design or in the ODK Collect application a required way to collect geoshape or geotrace data. In this instance, I would like to require each point is manually collected using the device's geolocation, so ensuring that the user cannot use placement by tapping or automatic location recording.

I thought because you can control the appearance of geopoint style questions to allow for placement-map or not, this would be possible using geoshape or geotrace, but no reference to this is found in the ODK documentation. Would appreciate any guidance on if this is possible and how, or on the other hand, confirmation that it isn't. Thanks!

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Hi @caldwellst

unfortunately it's not possible. If it's important for you please create a topic in Features and describe your case.

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The current vertex method does not allow for a user to easily collect a feature by streaming!