Web Developer++ position at UK ICT4D NGO

Hi all,

I hope you will forgive me for advertising a job in an organisation with a
keen interest in mobile and appropriate ICTs.

Are you looking to use your technical skills for social benefit? We are a
not-for-profit organisation focusing on IT in international development,
and we are looking for an exceptional software engineer to join our team.

The person we’re looking for would be passionate about:

  • Software engineering and open source technology;
  • International development;
  • Being part of a small, supportive team where everyone mucks in.

You can find more details at: http://www.aptivate.org/job-web-developer

We are based in Cambridge, UK and we usually meet once a month in Cambridge,
London or Brighton, so candidates might prefer to be already living or willing
to relocate to somewhere within a hundred miles of London.

To apply, send us a copy of your CV or other description of your relevant
experience, a description of why you’d like to work with us, and some examples
of previous work. Do get in touch if you’d like any more information.

+44 1223 760887

Thanks in advance,

Chris Wilson, Chief Engineer.

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