What does the Backup API backup?

Dear ODK team ,

We are exited to use the new CSV feature for the entities and want to upgrade to the latest version v2024.1.0 .
First we tried to take backup of the ODK using this Backup API .

It seems to download the backup file for several minutes and fail after sometime since the data is huge we are not able to fully download the data .

We have few doubts regarding this endpoint

  • What data is it actually backing up , is it doing pg dump along with Redis or just only the pg dump ?

  • Where can i find the download file prepared by the download endpoint in the docker system ?

  • We did take the pg_dump using docker command docker exec -t central-postgres14-1 pg_dump -U odk -d odk > odk_backup.sql and had a pg_dump file which is around 2.5 GB , will it cause any issue while restoring similarly ,will it do same thing like backup and restore endpoints ?

The backup endpoint only backups data in the Postgres DB. It does not backup Redis or the various Enketo secrets that the install generates.

That's why at https://docs.getodk.org/central-backup, we say

Direct Backups via API include all of your collected data but do NOT include sufficient information to re-establish the same Web Form links. If you use Public Links for broad surveying or share links to Web Forms through another system, we strongly recommend also making a full system backup.

Is there a reason why a full system backup or snapshot would not work for you?