Where is ODK Collect 1.7.1?

PlayStore offers only Beta version (1.8.0) and appearance of Date (month-year, year, no-calendar) no longer work, errors on bearing, and ... ...... ....... and ..... ..... ...
Where can I find version 1.7.1?

Hi Daniel, it sounds like you are enrolled in the beta.

Beta versions will sometimes have problems and we really appreciate reports so we can fix them before a broad release. That's the goal of our betas, so thanks for bringing up these issues.

What version of Android and device are you using? Can you see if the issues you are having have been filed at https://github.com/opendatakit/collect/issue?

If you want to roll back to the old version, go to the Play Store page for Collect to leave the beta. Then uninstall and reinstall Collect to get the regular version.

You can also download specific versions at https://opendatakit.org/downloads/download-info/odk-collect-apk/.

Thank you Yaw, again
I forgot Github to reload the old version because the site opendatakit only offers 1.7.0

I have, unfortunately, little time to account for the problems encountered with the beta at the moment because I am in full training and the students have of all loaded the beta version (the only one on the site of PlayStore), which poses problems.
I would give you my comments in 1 month (if they are still current)

When I go to the Collect page on the Play Store, I see version 1.7.1 available. As @yanokwa mentioned, the beta program is by enrollment so if you are seeing 1.8.0, that means you have enrolled for the beta program.

One thing that occurs to me is that the beta enrollment is tied to Google accounts so if all of the students' devices are logged in to a Google account that enrolled in the beta program, they will see 1.8.0. In general, I would recommend making sure that training or production devices use Google accounts that are not enrolled in the beta program.

I believe the issue you are experiencing is the one described here. We believe this issue only occurs on Android 7.0 and it would be really helpful if you could let us know whether you are running 7.0 or another Android version. Thank you!

Hello Daniel, we have published a second 1.8.0 beta that we believe addresses this issue. Could you please try it on one of your devices and let us know whether you still experience problems?

hello Hélène,
I'm sorry for my late reply.
I do not have much time currently to test the new version of beta.
If I can, I'll let you know.

I understand that you might not have much time to test betas, but even a little bit is a huge contribution to the project.

Additionally, the more time users spend verifying the beta works, that more time developers have to build features and respond to support requests.

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