Where is the ODK Collect project readme?

Respected Everyone,

i just edited ODK Collect tool as per my own requirements, my problem is after editing everything running smoothly but when i use " Google Drive & Google Sheet Option in Server Preferences and try to download form from google drive
its shows me error as :
Unable to make API calls. if you are running a local build, please review the project readme.

someone Plz help i'm stuck here


Hi @farhann136
This is what you need to read: Google Drive and Sheets APIs



Thanks for guiding me at this point
but i've some questions plz guide me in this

1- what if i wanna use default Google API instead of registering new project in Google Console.

i don't wanna edit any setting in API
i just wanna edit the look of App for my own purpose

Plz guide me as i am new in APK editing


It's required. If you want to build your own app based on the original code you have to do that even if you don't change anything.