Which server is best for my data

I want to collect 25000 household data
I have 30 question and 1 question is picture
please tell me which server is best for me

I want to use /kobo.humanitarianresponse.info and kobo applicaication
or another option is odk application and his google drive server
Anyone tell me this server accept my large data free of cost or pay any amount
or suggest me another server

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Hi @azam_iqbal,

I think for kobo, kobo support is in a better position to answer you.

If you can configure ODK aggregate, in google or other cloud space do that.

If you are looking for other solution, check out ona.io

Thanks for the information

Google appsot is one of best server you can use that server and one more positive point of google app engine is if you will set up google app engine with a trial of $300 than you can conduct your survey totally free of cost IF YOUR SURVEY WILL END IN that $300 amount
So I will suggest you to go with google cloud engine.


Depending on how many responses you will be collecting in a single month, the community subscription on SurveyCTO could be an excellent option. The interface is easy to use, and will support pictures. As a community subscriber you will be required to engage with the community in order to remain on a free subscription, but it is worth looking at the website and options to see if this would be a good fit for your needs!

Now i choose Google appsot

thanks for my help @Alesha_Porisky