Wrong submissions - how to deal

Hi all,
I'm carrying out a regional vegetation census and I'm a bit in trouble with data submission in ODK because I'm having some fields that are fillling up in a weird way.

The first has been the Date field (using 'today') that, only for some users, it was provided as an integer. Once the field format was manually changed to 'date' (in googleSheets) then it was correctly converted.
Unfortunately, after updating to 1.27.2, now I have another field (abundance class, categorical value) that gets modified, but in this case I must substitute the values. In the specific case, I'm talking about the first class '1-10' that I guess might incorrectly be interpreted as October 1st.

I guess all these issues are GoogleSheets-related, as it seems from the many date-related issues already posted in the forum.
Any general hint?

Thanks in advance as always!

Hi @spono

what question type is that field?
I'm asking because we are adding apostrophe to text/select_multi/barcode questions to avoid such unexpected conversions. Is it calculate?

nope, it's a 'select_one' and gets reported as a 43840.

and is that 43840 converted somehow?

no: if I change format to "text" it simply shifts side to the left, while changing to "date" it changes (as expected) to 1/10/2020.

Sorry I'm a bit lost so what is the problem with that question?

it is a 'select_one' question with the following values: '1-10', '10-100','100-1000'.
When the first one is chosen, it appears as 43840 in the GoogleSheet. If I change cell format it changes accordingly to the new choice (shifting the value to the left if 'text' or to 1/10/2020 if 'date') but not towards the correct value (i.e. '1-10'). So, I have to manually change all the '43840' to '1-10'.
This happens since the last update to 1.27.2, while it was working correctly with previous versions.

Ok I see...

This happens since the last update to 1.27.2, while it was working correctly with previous versions

probably your previous version was <=1.24.1 am I right? because nothing has changed in 1.26 or 1.25 compared to 1.27.

mmm...unfortunately I don't have the chance to check for all the collaborators but, who knows, it might be.

Ok I reported the issue here: https://github.com/getodk/collect/issues/3978 if you are interested in tracking it.
We need to discuss the issue.
Thanks for reporting!