Xls Form Validation error

Hi to you all,
I have designed xls form manually in excel While validating using ODK XLSForm Offline.
I get an error message that reads; ODK Validate Errors:
Dependency cycles amongst the xpath expressions in relevant/calculate.
What could be the problem?
I am totally stuck, let someone help, please.
Thank you

Hi @Derick

could you attach your form?

Share with me your email and share it privately.
Mine is derick@pazelconroyconsulting.com


@Grzegorz Orczykowski, I have sent the form to your email.

In line 146 in relevant, you have selected(${Q500}, '1') where ${Q500} is the current question so it doesn't make sense.

Another problem is in line 12 in calculation where you have format_date (${interview_date}, '%d/%m/%Y') but it should be format-date(${interview_date}, '%d/%m/%Y')

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