Xlsform and version control

I want to know if anyone here is using versioning control like gitHub for their xlsforms? Can someone point me to a web page that does this?


I really like using Google Sheets for my form definitions and versioning is one of the reasons why. I think most other cloud-based spreadsheet editors will also keep rich history.

In Google Sheets, I often use named versions to keep track of what versions I publish to a server and communicate with collaborators about major changes made. Those named versions can be thought of as commits and their name can provide context for what they contain.

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@LN To be honest, I was not much of a user for google sheets but when I explored google sheets as a repository for submissions coming from ODK Collect, I found out that there is a history of changes kept for the sheet. So yes, I think that this is an effective, and more importantly, still simple way for versioning xlsform. Thanks.

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