XLSForm design problem

Hi everyone!
I have faced a problem in designing xlsform. I try to use escape option in xlsform but I am fail to do this. For example-
Main question: 1. No of Floor
Answer: 2
##question: 2. Use of Ground Floor
Answer: Residential/Commercial/Industrial
##question: 2. Use of 1st Floor
Answer: Residential/Commercial/Education

My problem:
##when i use no of floor is 1 then show only the use of ground floor and escape use of 1st floor
##when i use no of floor is 3 then show use of ground floor, use of 1st floor, use of 2nd floor seperately

How can i solve it? Please kindly help me.

How about:

Q2 (use_ground_floor) relevant='${numfloors}=1 or ${numfloors}=3'
Q2 (use_first_floor) relevant=${numfloors}>1'

and implied, but not shown

Q3 (use_second_floor) relevant=${numfloors}=3'