XLSForm - "field-list" and hiding pages

I'm brand new to XLSForm (and this forum). I am working with; Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS. I have a question; when I use the yes_no option I branch, one path YES and one path NO. Down my YES path I need 6 pages and when I branch down my NO path I only need 4 pages. However, all 6 pages of the YES path are showing up (blank) on the NO path and I have to scroll through them to get to the end of the NO path. Is there any way to not show the extra YES path pages when I am using the NO path?

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Yes @IDOT_jrm, there is a way out. You may use choice_filters or skip logics (relevance) based on what you want.

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@Fadl is right more info about it you can find here:

Thank you @Fadl, thank you @Grzesiek2010. I have read through the Cascading Sheets and the Relevant documents both at the XLSForm.org page and the ESRI ArcGIS document page.
I think I am going to remove the pages (field-list) and instead use relevant only, along with a compact appearance. This method seems to be working for me.
Again thanks for the insight.

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