XLSForm, Index-repeat, calculate, filter-choice, ODK-Collect v1.27 crash?

Dear all, I have an issue with ODK-collect v1.27.1

So I have used the same pattern in 2019 to create repeat question about household member name, and store each individual name into the choice sheet that I will use for further questions.
before upgrade my ODK Collect into v1.27.1 it works just fine, but after I upgrade the ODK Collect, every time i go to further question it always stop working.

I am using google sheet as a server and using an emulator on my windows 10 laptop to check and open the ODK Collect app.

I have tried to remove the choice-filter, play around with some strategy of getting stored name to be use as choices for next question, but have no luck.

I attach my excel as below.
I really appreciate if someone could identify if I have any mistakes on my form.
I doubt upgrading the ODK Collect would cause this problem.

Thanks in advance.
test.xlsx (17.0 KB)

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Hello @Sanjaya,

Sorry to hear about the issue. I had exactly a similar issue last week. I tried a different support team with no chance but I think it's a bug since this technique works perfectly in older versions

My use case was to load other answers as typed by user back to the select list making it more easy and dynamic to remember what the text was

Hopefully this will be patched soon

Jules R
Dynamic_Choice_List_Test_JR_20200611.xlsx (12.0 KB)

Unfortunately, this was never intentional behavior -- the label in a choice is not supposed to be dynamic and this structure worked accidentally. The fix that caused it is for index-repeat with relative expressions. I'll see whether it's possible to bring back the previous behavior but I'm not sure.

Generate multiple choice alternatives, based on the answers in a repeat is the XForms way to do this. https://github.com/XLSForm/pyxform/issues/38 is an issue to bring this functionality into XLSForm.

Can you say more about what you mean by another support team? If you see changes it behavior in ODK tools, it's helpful if you can bring those to ODK developers so we know about them.

Thank you so much.
I hope it is possible to bring back the previous behavior.

I will also try the alternative ways as you shared.

I am confuse with the xml code.. (i hv zero experience in developing xml code) :sweat_smile:

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Hello @LN

Thank you for your support, always helpful. By Other support team I meant my corporate Tech team managing the aggregate and integration. We just rolled out a new platform, so was thinking the error came along and eventually was gonna bring the question here.

I will try your xml suggestion and revert back to you,


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Daer @LN,

Is this working today? Also, for KoBoCollect and for Enketo?
Best regards

I did a little bit more thinking and realized that this form structure was exploiting a combination of bad behavior in the form converter and Collect. If you need to continue using it, you could consider using the previous version of XLSForm Online. Do let us know if that works.

I don't believe Enketo would work with this form structure. Collect allows references to the main instance in itext translation blocks that are referred to from select labels but I don't think that's supposed to be supported according to the form specification. It used to be that the XLSForm converter generated translations for all text in a form. Now it only generates translations if there's text defined for more than one language.

KoBoCollect is an older version of Collect with a different logo and generally is just a few months behind.

I does really works just fine!
thank you so much, and I really appreciate it.

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