XLSForms type Repeating Question not working correctly

The documentation on Repeating Questions states that before each repeat, user is asked if they would like to add another repeat.

By default, enumerators are asked before each repetition whether they would like to add another repeat.

However in my case, the repeat instance is executed first before the ask to add another repeat prompts.

Below is the survey row entry in my XLSForm. The user needs to capture a primary_image then the user should have the option to add additional photos enveloped in the begin repeat.

However what actually happens is after capturing the primary_image, the user is asked to capture the additional photo

before the user is asked whether they would like to add another repeat.

Does anyone know how to make the add another repeat question be executed before the 1st instance of the repeat runs?

I think you will not be able to really achieve what you want and show a prompt for the first image.
But you should have a question before the image widget that asks if you want to add a picture. Then you show the image widget if the answer is yes (relevant expression)
And then, after the first photo has been added, you will be prompted for another one


Alternatively in this structure, you could remove primary_photo question and just have the repeat group, as they must take the first photo of the repeat series this is thne the same as the primary_photo