XPath Error: Referencing name meta from another group

Good Evening
Working on a survey and having an error on the name meta, want to use the name variable in row 10 in row 19 different different xPath expressions and none seem to work, will appreciate any insights, thanks

house_hold-create.xlsx (83.8 KB)

You should be getting an error that looks like There are two sections with the name meta when you try to convert your form, is that right? This is because there's a system-generated meta group.

The easiest thing would be to rename your group.

I'm curious to know more about what this group is for -- do you have a tool that your data will process that requires a group to be named meta? If not, you should be able to use the original values (${name}, ${contact_id}, ${facility_id}) directly.

I also notice that you're using raw XPath expressions such as ../../../inputs/user/name instead of the XLSForm convenience style such as ${name}. Is there a particular reason you're doing that?

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@LN , thank you for the feedback
We are doing surveys using the Medic CHT tool, and I have seen from previous forms that when accessing a variables https://docs.communityhealthtoolkit.org/apps/reference/forms/app/

using them directly as attached, ${name}, brings the error "There are two sections with the name meta", and was advised to use relative referencing to sort out the error, tried many options but none seem to work

Changed the group from meta to meta_final and now get the error, " There has been a problem trying to replace ${name} with the XPath to the survey element named 'name'. There are multiple survey elements with this name."

That's because you have multiple questions with name as name in the name column. Please fix this adding them their own unique names.