2 xls forms linked with 1 csv file

Hi all,

I am looking to create two forms where one form fills a csv file which the second form pulls from.

To give some context: my aim is to create a form which is used by one team that fills in household data of a beneficiary. When that team presses submit, the household data is filled into a csv file. When that beneficiary visits a second team, they put in a unique number which pulls the household data from the csv file filled by the initial team.

Looking for any guidance on this,

Please let me know if i can be clearer,


You could do some of this using the current ODK tools. But I think there will need to be a lag and some manual (or custom scripted) processing between steps, as well as regular updates of the phones used by the second team. You might be interested and have some suggestions to add in the ongoing discussion about improving longitudinal data collection in ODK: https://github.com/opendatakit/roadmap/issues/23

If you need something that occurs with greater frequency and with advanced functionality you should explore the ODK-X toolkit. It includes "bi-directional synchronization of data across devices" and many other features. Read more:

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