403 Forbidden error

There are multiple devices using this ODK. The error is appearing only during uploading the forms to google sheets but there is one device which works perfectly without any errors. What steps do i need to follow in order to rectify this problem

Hi @Thanvish
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The message says that probably the storage that device uses is full.
Here you can find more about the limits https://support.google.com/a/answer/172541?hl=en.

Do you use the same account on both devices but it doesn't work only on one of them?

Thanks for the reply. I work for an NGO in South India. We work on Eco development initiatives in the Nilgiris. We use ODK for baseline data collection on various aspects with the help of volunteers in the field level. We develop the ODK forms using ODK build currently. And the data is submitted to the Google Sheets.

Regarding the error : we have used only 183 mb of the 30 GB. So there is enough space in the Google drive

Yes I use same account on both devices.

What Collect version is that?

ODK Collect v1.22.4 is the version on both devices

that's interesting...
so it works well on just one device and constantly fails on all the others right?
If so, is there any big difference between those devices/collect configuration?
Could you share the form you used with me and maybe even give me a permission in order to upload it to the same storage? I would like to reproduce the issue. You can send it via email or private message.

I am having the same problem on 2 of 15 devices, how to solve the problem?

Hi @oscarlff
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Could you tell more about those devices? (model/android version). Maybe you can share your form?