502 Bad gateway Error. Media not downloading

I am stuck with this error since yesterday on my ODK server. I want to download all the media attached to my ODK submission and each time I click on the download, it returns 502 Bad Gateway. What can I do to resolve this urgently.

  1. I changed the data type of one of the columns in my submission and later tried to revert back to the old one and I keep getting this error. I changed the type from "video to text" and now I want to change it back to video since it I have some video submissions I want to download. but it keeps showing this error message


I need to change the field name to the previous one may resolve the issue. The message is clear and seems like that is the only solution you have on hand at this moment.

Thank you, please let me know if that helps.

The previous data type is my preferred choice but it is not working. when I change it to the wrong data type, it accepted the form. I needed the media files urgently so I used ODK briefcase to extract the media files. Thank you

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Good idea!

Did you try exporting directly from Central with the "Include fields not in the published Form" option? I think that would include the submission attachments but I'm not totally sure.

Yes, but the files were not downloadable. I used ODK brief case and it worked