502 Bad Gateway error while using the XLSForm online

There is a 502 Bad Gateway error while using the XLSForm online.

Allows to select and submit the xls file, but do not generate the xml as expected. gives 502 error.

Using chrome browser on windows 7, earlier worked well.

Is it a problem after the recent upgrade of XLSForm online?

please help

If you don’t mind sharing the form publicly, please post it. Without it, it’ll be hard to reproduce the problem.

I have been having the same problem recently.

@jeffck Until you can share the form publicly, I'm limited in the help I can provide.

Thanks for the quick reply! Unfortunately, my own form has to be considered proprietary, which limits my ability to share it publicly. However, since it seems you're not aware of any recent upgrades or other issues that would cause XLSForm online not to work generally, it sounds like this is an error with the file itself that I will have to resolve. Thanks.

Feel free to email it to yanokwa@nafundi.com and I won’t share it. The server has had updates recently but I won’t know if it’s related until I see the form.

same issue with my form. And if I try to convert with XLSform offline 1.8.0, it enters in a loop (never end the conversion). It works with version 1.7

Bonjour, je rencontre exactement le même problème en voulant soumettre le fichier xls pour conversion à XLSForm online. Merci de la prompt réponse.

I've been able to reproduce the problem. Not really sure what it is just yet, but the form conversion spikes the CPU and that's not normal. I'll take a look in a few hours to try to patch it.

Until then, try the previous version of XLSForm Offline at https://github.com/opendatakit/xlsform-offline/releases/tag/v1.7.0.

Thank you so much!
Highly appreciate your kind effort.

Best regards

The good news is that I've made some changes to the server so that big forms no longer time out.

The bad news is that the server is still very slow to convert and the root cause is the new version of pyxform. It seems to have a performance regression (~20x in my testing).

I've filed the problem at https://github.com/XLSForm/pyxform/issues/247 and I'll update the thread once we get a fix. Pull requests are very welcome!

I've rolled back the changes on XLSForm Online to v1.2.1 with pyxform v0.11.5 while we wait for a fix.

If someone wants to use XLSForm Online v1.3.0 with the pyxform v0.12.0, you can find it at https://staging.xlsform.opendatakit.org.

As an aside, going forward, we'll ship updates to the staging server before they go to everyone. This should give folks a chance to test first and prevent this kind of problem from happening in the future.

We've released an update for ODK XLSForm Offline v1.8 and ODK XLSForm Online v1.3 that should resolve this problem more permanently.

Huge thanks to @Ukang_a_Dickson for shipping a fix to pyxform so we could get this update out.

In the case of the online tool, we've also increased the performance of the server to make conversions go a little faster.

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