A syntax for automatically naming a photo taken by a sample number

I am undertaking soil depth studies for some selected sample spots.
These spots have unique SAMPLE NUMBERS assigned from a GIS system.
At every sample spot, the SAMPLE NUMBER will be entered by surveyors (by looking on the navigation map)
Also, at each sample spot, I need a photo of the soil.

  1. Now, can someone help me with syntax to be able to name this photo with the SAMPLE NUMBER?
  2. What are the options available for creating a custom base map for ODK collect and geo odk?
    Thank you.

Hi Samuel,

Here's how you can create offline background maps with overlays of your own custom sample sites: Generate offline background imagery for ODK Collect (MBTiles)

To generate values based on existing form fields I suspect you could try XPath expressions in the calculate field. I'm not sure you can rename the photo filename, but you could associate it to any calculated expression through the record it is attached to