Ability to edit and delete submission data

Hi Parthib here! I have read in the docs that the aiblity to edit and delete submission will come to ODK . Any timeline when these features will land ?

Hi @parthibd
what exactly you are talking about? Editing/deleting forms in ODK Central, Aggregate or maybe Callect? Please link the doc you mentioned.

Kobo has the functionality to edit form submissions from the web ui . I read here that the ability to edit will come to odk central . When will this feature be available ? If its not going to come anytime soon can you guide me how to implement it ? @Grzesiek2010

@issa Can you provide me some suggestions?

Web-based editing for existing submissions is something the Technical Advisory Board has discussed recently, but it's not on the roadmap yet.

Thank you for the link. :slight_smile:

@danbjoseph Can you point me to the relevant sections of code where I can begin to implement form submission edit functionality? I would like to contribute .

@parthibd you will need to coordinate with the core team around the technical specifications and how the feature is implemented. You can connect with other developers on the ODK Slack.

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Thanks, @parthibd and welcome! We'd love to learn more about you and your projects so please Introduce yourself here! when you have a moment.

I responded in Slack but I also want to share a bit about the process here. The best way to start contributing is to pick up a smaller issue so you can learn our processes and we can all start getting to know how we best collaborate.

In the case of submission edits and deletion, there are lots of technical and user experience questions to answer. For example:

  • Where should submission editing be accessed by a user?
  • Should submission editing always be available or should it be e.g. opt-in by server or project or form?
  • Which user roles should get edit privileges? Should new roles be added?
  • How should submission history be displayed to the user?
  • Given that the ODK XForms spec involves building a linked list of edited submissions with the deprecatedId attribute (see docs here), what kind of index should be used to identify a logical submission and all of its history?

Our process for something like this would be to write release criteria and discuss them with the technical advisory board. You can see examples of release criteria in the release posts. This repository has more information about project governance.

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