Access odk data folder on android 11 device

I am trying to access "/Android/data/" folder on android 11. However, android permission restrictions are preventing me to do so.

Is there a way of accessing this folder using another android app?

Is it possible to configure ODK collect to dump its files to another folder rather than the, " /Android/data/", folder?

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I have the same issue. Have you figured this out yet?

In Android 11+, there is no way to directly access the ODK folder from another app or change where ODK stores data.

Some access is possible through the content providers that Collect exports. Please describe your end goals (eg what your external app does) and someone may be able to help.


I have an app that acts as a wrapper to access odk instances/forms.
When you click on a record on recycler view, you are basically copying a payload that is being used to create an ODK instance and populate it with data.

Basically, my app creates odk XML forms and dumps them where ODK keeps its data(/Android/data/org.../).

Not yet. So far i have just restricted app spec to android 10 below, while working on long-term solution

This is not something you will be able to do in Android 11+. You can read through Collect will need to stop using /sdcard/odk for files for more context.

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